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Two wild and wacky cabaret gems! 

written by Michael LaMasa

The Dottie Maraschino Show, Michael's live Jazz Comedy variety show, features a six-piece jazz band, tap dancing, live comedy, and the incomparable vocals of the fabulous Miss DOttie Maraschino. The show also features the spectacular harmonies of Dottie's acrobatic jazz vocal group, Dottie Maraschino and The Stems.


Step inside with Loose Caboose Diner with those three hot dishes, The Hell's Kitchenettes! This live musical sitcom follows the (mis)adventures of three singing waitresses (Mabel Syrup, Pam Cakes, and Bette Griddler) as they save the day (and the diner) in this toe-tapping, side splitting musical comedy.

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