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Michael's cabaret show, The Dottie Maraschino Show, has been produced in New York, Arizona, and California. 

Below is a selection of writing for your enjoyment.

October 2, 2018

Announced today in an article published in USA Today, as of Monday, the Trump administration will halt visas for unmarried same-sex partners of diplomats and UN employees, requiring marriage to be eligible for a visa.

This policy is the same for heterosexual couples. Undoubtedly, the Trump administration will insist that they are operating under a presumption of fairness. Yet, we couldn't be further from it. What unmarried heterosexual couples have that same-sex couples do not is the right to get married wherever they want without persecution. What the Trump administration is ignoring are the large number of countries around the world that don't allow same-sex couples to marry. Some countries deny the right, while others go so far as making homosexuality itself illegal and punishable by harsh prison sentences or even death.

In Singapore, homosexuality is illegal and their Penal Code states that "any act of gross indecency with another male" in "public or private" can be punishable with a...

July 7, 2016

The news these days is pretty grim. It seems that every week or so, we see the broadcasts that yet another unarmed black American has been killed by the police. Men, woman, children — It doesn’t seem to matter. In the last week, we’ve seen two more individuals killed. It is almost as if we are stuck in some kind of time loop; unable to break free and forced to watch the same moment over and over again.

The one thing we want to see after events like this happen is change. However, in the hours that follow events such as these, we always have to endure the same circus that reveal media figures, politicians, and the everyday politically minded Facebook friend sounding off to anyone that will listen. Some fight for the change we need while others just fight. Some look to lift us out of this hole and some look to lift themselves to a higher place in their field. The one place where we need to see change and don’t is in the lives of black Americans.

I’ve realized something over the course of t...

October 15, 2014

As the country continues to change and adapt to include LGBT individuals into state and federal law on issues like marriage and other such privileges, more and more people on the opposing side are finding that their island is getting smaller and smaller. As is the way of these things, what was once considered taboo is eventually adopted and absorbed into society under the grounds of “doing the right thing.” When agreeing with social issues like same-sex marriage is viewed as doing the right thing, the opposition takes on a new and dark role in the argument that’s hard to bounce back from. Where we were once dealing with “what I think and how it’s different than what you think,” we are now dealing with prejudice, bigotry, discrimination. Right-wing politicians and media personalities, in their uphill battle to speak their minds on the opposing side of marriage equality, will frequently try to fight off that type of discriminatory branding. For some reason, they just can’t shake it.


September 12, 2014

Once upon a time, a bunch of guys got on a boat and left England and its crazy religious leadership and decided to start a new country, free of all that nonsense. When our founding fathers started drafting and amending our constitution, they included something to make sure that our government would make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, and also allow people to practice whatever religion they wanted. It was the First Amendment and it was a separation of church of state, allowing people to do what they wanted for themselves and their religion and allowed the government to exist separate of that. Time went on, the country changed, and the founding fathers’ words were completely forgotten and abandoned. What was left of their words were completely mutilated and reassembled to mean something completely different, and solely, the religious communities of America lived happily ever after under the misconception that the United States of America was founded as a religious natio...

September 10, 2014

Dear Westboro Baptist Church,

I saw photos of you guys today with signs all made-up in protest of Joan Rivers and her recent death which read, “JOAN IN HELL.” Like fresh wasabi, it warmed me. Whether you’re protesting the death of a soldier, or a gay pride parade, there’s always something magical about seeing all of you with your outdated draw-string pants, brightly colored exercise shoes and fanny packs. Maybe it’s your beautifully made and creatively colored signs. Maybe it’s your smart catch phrases, or your heartfelt determination to get your point across. Either way, I can’t help but smile. But today, I felt something else — pride.

The photo I saw today was just beautiful. I believe it was you, Shirley. You had not one, not two, but four signs — two on either side of your body, one on top of the other. You had an Israeli flag wrapped around your waist and as I looked at you, I saw it. You looked like a butterfly. A colorful, passionate, hate-filled butterfly. It just took my breath...

August 25, 2014

For many gay men, having safe sex isn’t so much a choice as it is a requirement. After the AIDS crisis and the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, the fear of contracting HIV was enough to scare you away from ever having sex without a condom or ever going more than six months without getting tested. The decades have gone by and medicine has made advancements towards providing people living with HIV long and healthy lives. There is no cure available, but a remarkable new drug has appeared on the scene, as of late, that prevents people who do not have HIV from contracting it. That drug is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, more commonly known as PrEP.

According to the CDC’s website, Truvada (it’s brand name) is taken in pill form once a day and is intended for people that are at high risk of contracting HIV. If someone is exposed to the virus through sexual contact or through the use of injection drugs, the drug prevents the virus from establishing a permanent infection. When taken consistentl...

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