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The reviews are IN! "That Golden Girls Show - A Puppet Parody" Off-Broadway

Michael LaMasa and the cast of That Golden Girls Show - A Puppet parody

Michael is currently playing Dorothy Zbornak in That Golden Girls Show - A Puppet Parody Off-Broadway at the DR2 Theatre in Union Square (103 East 15th Street). The show has recently been extended through January 1st and tickets can be purchased by visiting


Praise for Michael LaMasa's portrayal of Dorothy Zbornak

"Foremost among [the cast] is LaMasa, whose portrayal of Bea Arthur is so on point, it's spooky. Not only is his voice pitched to an Arthurian octave, but he precisely re-creates her diction, timing, and extra-dry delivery. Close your eyes and you might think she's risen from the dead."

-Zack Stewart,

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"As the sardonic, barrel-voiced Dorothy, Michael LaMasa is the standout of the bunch, nailing Ms. Zbornak’s razor-sharp tongue."

-Naveen Kumar, Towerload

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"LaMasa is Bea Arthur incarnate from the moment he makes his entrance as Dorothy. With a bold, sarcastic tone and zinging one-liners, he delivers a superb performance with truly dry wit and an underlying softness, quickly becoming a crowd favorite."

-Dianne Gebauer, NY Theatre Guide

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"Michael LaMasa has mastered Dorothy's chortle-inducing side-eye and tut-tut schoolmarm mannerisms as filtered through felt, and brings to bear a voice that so echoes with Beatrice Arthur's distinctive basso profundo, you'll swear at times it's her onstage... "

-Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

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"Michael LaMasa treated Bea Arthur’s signature creation with grace and dignity."

-Lisa Huberman

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